More Able and Talented

The aim of the More Able and Talented focus is to identify pupils with the potential to do well, beyond their peers at that time, and to offer them different kinds of activities so that they have the chance to really succeed.

Around 5-10% of each schools or academies pupil population will be identified as More Able and/or Talented. The idea is that this group of pupils is identified, challenged, supported and monitored as a group every year. Pupils identified within this group may change over time due to future assessment and identification pathways.

Many of the activities for these pupils will take place in class time as part of the Quality First Teaching in our Academy, other activities may be after academy hours, or during lunchtime. It is planned that many lessons will contain activities that will “stretch” pupils who are capable of doing very well, so all pupils should benefit from this focus.

‘More Able’ usually means that a pupil has the potential to do well in subjects such as English, maths, science, history, geography and modern foreign languages. ‘Talented’ usually means that a pupil has exceptional skill in a particular subject – such as sports, music, drama, dance or leadership.