Illnesses and Accidents

Illness and Accidents
If a child is taken ill during school time we will phone parents/carers as appropriate.
All injuries are treated with care and entered into our first aid log. We will contact parents/carers if we feel that this is appropriate.
Please ensure that we have at least three numbers where we can contact you, or a relative/friend.
Any changes of address or contact numbers should be notified to the Academy office immediately

Medicines in the Academy
If at all possible medication should be given at home but where medication (oral or creams) needs to be given during Academy hours, it must be prescribed by a GP with a printed label stating your child´s name and the dosage required. A Medication Form must be completed by a parent/carer prior to medication being given to your child.

School Nurse
Our School Nurse is available in the Academy fortnightly from 8.30am until 9.15am to discuss any health related matters on Tuesday mornings.  If you need to contact her at any other time please see the office staff for details.